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Modern Baseball - Your Graduation (x)

Modern Baseball- The Weekend(x)

Balance and Composure
August 2013
Bucks County, PA


Citizen // The Summer

Pretty much my life. 

You don’t need me, It’s obvious. But do I need you? Of course. I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. I’ve been tired of looking for something to call my own. I’ve been tired of the search. I don’t date a person to just date them, I date with intentions and I’m sorry if that scares you. It’s just.. I don’t know. I miss this and I miss that. I’m tired of thinking about certain things, I’m tired of feeling like a fuck up. But the only thing I need is to feel like someone actually gives a fuck about me. I haven’t been sober all day. You’ll be asleep soon and I know it’ll be hard for me to make it through the night. I’m not tired and it’s just one of those nights where i’ll be up all night on my own. But whatever. I’ll end this before it gets too long.


and your habit of turning away

Parkway Drive 1 by joewinn

HWY 4 on Vancouver Island by Alex Strohl on Flickr.